Observe as the instructor takes the first steps in configuring security.

  1. Click the button at the top of the Web Projects Control Panel.
  2. The Web Security window appears.

Choose Web Security Configuration, as shown here:

Click OK in this window.

  1. The Security Settings window appears, as shown here:

Mark the checkbox for Security active. More security settings appear.

Now you try the same three steps, so that you can view the security settings on your screen.

The Security Settings window

The Security Settings are for both Web and mobile applications.

  • Mobile applications, however, do not use a Redirect page. Instead, the application loads more Components.
  • The Redirect page – login setting must have a value, though, so we enter a random value, as shown here:

    • Do not use the smart button. Enter the value directly, across from the prompt.
    • Having a random value for this setting does not cause an error when you run the application.
  • The same is true for these two settings:

Make the same changes in your own Security Settings window:

  • Locate the three settings mentioned above, and change their values to NoPage.
  • For Login redirect option, use the pull-down list to select Current page.
  • Un-mark the checkbox for Password encryption.

  • Your settings should look like these:

Click OK.

  • You return to the Web Security window:

Click Close.