To display video content, associate the Action JavaScript highlighted below with a control’s Event:

You will also need to create a Video Player Component.

  • A Video Player Component is a type of Web Component. It is not a control.
  • With a Video Player Component you can:
    • Embed any video hosted on YouTube in a smart hybrid Flash/HTML5 player.
    • Add a hybrid HTML5 and Flash video player for video files you are hosting and want to stream via a parent component or calling control.
  • Since the Video Player Component supports both HTML5 and Flash, the videos will play across multiple browsers and platforms.

Along with the instructor, create a Video Player Component and explore its Properties.

  1. Create a new Component of type Video Player.
  2. In the left-hand pane, click Properties.
  3. In the Options, locate YouTube video URL. Click the smart button and note the URL for the default video, which, for reference, is
  4. Examine the rest of the Options.
  5. Save the Component with the file name PlayAVideo.
  6. Display the Component in one of the installed Web browsers.