In the Debugger window, you can display the current values of script elements by moving your mouse pointer over those elements.

Observe as the instructor examines variable values in a script.

  1. Return to the Debugger window.
  2. In line 1, move your mouse pointer over the variable name. The Debugger displays a box.

  1. In the box’s upper-right corner, click the pin icon to “pin” the box to the screen:

The box displays the name of the variable, and shows the current value that this variable will return. There is no current value yet, because the variable has not finished executing.

  1. In line 1, move the mouse pointer over the e in (e as p), and “pin” the box that appears:

The e variable

  • An Alpha Anywhere Xbasic large-property variable that describes a Component.
  • Has elements that hold information about every aspect of a Component and its controls.

Here, the Debugger displays all the information that can be known about the RevenuePieChart Component and all of its controls.

  1. In the script line indicated by the arrow, move the mouse pointer over the variable e.dataSubmitted.customerIDHolderBox.

  1. The Debugger displays a box that shows the variable’s current value:

(To capture the image, we had to “pin” the box.)

Why does the value ABCD6 appear?

  • It starts with “A” (the start position of the slider).
  • It is the customerID of the first company that appears in the spin list.

The “hover-over” display only works after a variable has been declared. Alpha Anywhere declares and initializes the e variable when it calls a Component, so e is available at the beginning of the function.

Move your mouse pointer over variables in your script, and pin the same variables to the screen.