Some easier first steps


New applications are “Cloud-first”

When there is a request for a new application, start by considering Cloud-based solutions:

  • Can you meet the need with a SaaS application or a pre-integrated solution from a Cloud provider?
  • Can a Web-based application be developed, tested, and deployed directly from the Cloud?

To support this policy, emphasize Cloud benefits like faster time to deploy, improved quality, and lower costs.

Move testing and development to the Public Cloud

On-demand access to scalable resources and pay-as-you-go pricing can more easily provide a development and test environment that replicates the production environment.

This move can free up hundreds of hours of IT resources that would otherwise be devoted to the configuring and pulling down server resources for the development team.

Should you move a legacy application to the Cloud?

(From cloud/)

“If you can move it without breaking it or rewriting everything, then you should simply do it.”