Creating a security database and connection string

To manage security, Alpha Anywhere uses four tables. You can create these tables in a variety of popular database systems using Alpha Anywhere.

The four tables are:

  • WebSecurityUsers (often named “websecurity_users”)
  • WebSecurityGroups (often named “websecurity_groups”)
  • WebSecurityMembers (often named “websecurity_members”) – this table associates Users with Groups.
  • WebSecurityExpired (often named “websecurity_expired”) – this table contains expired passwords.

These tables must be in a database. You must create this database using your preferred SQL system prior to creating the tables with Alpha Anywhere. You can manually create the security tables, copy them from another database, or use the Upsize Genie as described below.

Alpha Anywhere also needs a connection string to locate the security database and tables. For this class, we will create a different connection string for security data.

  1. Using your preferred SQL system, create a database named MobileWebSec. Be sure to have a user ID that has full permissions – insert, update, delete, and create.
  2. In Alpha Anywhere, define an AlphaDAO connection string named secsys.