Why or when is this important/needed?

  • If there is no scripted Event.
  • If the Event/Action requires it. Example: The defined Submit Button control means “submit the new or updated values to the server.” To define what happens on the server after the values are submitted, you must create an afterDialogValidate Server-side Event.
  • Control-level events and Action JavaScript do not and cannot handle every programming task.
  • Some client- and server-side Events are custom Events by definition.

What we'll cover

  • Setting up the development environment
  • Creating the Component foundation: controls, arguments, Events, and simple functions
  • Incorporating a third-party API (Google Charts JavaScript)
  • Creating a new Xbasic function
  • Passing text strings via Xbasic variables
  • Making an SQL call
  • Formatting Xbasic/SQL data into a JavaScript array for a JavaScript function
  • Displaying the data in the chart
  • Executing it all dynamically with an AJAX callback
  • Publishing