What we’ll cover

The Alpha Anywhere Security Framework

  • Overview of implementing Alpha Anywhere security
  • Getting ready to set up security

Part A: Building a login Component for a mobile business application

  • Creating a login Component from a template
  • Configuring security settings for login Part B: Creating security tables
  • Creating a security database and connection string
  • Using the Security Table Upsize Genie
  • Adding a custom security table Part C: Creating Users and Groups
  • Publishing security files

Part D: A Component with secured controls

  • Embedding a Component in a Component
  • Setting security for Components

Part E: Creating user management Components

  • A Component for creating new user accounts
  • A Component for displaying developer-defined security data
  • A Component for changing an existing user’s account information

Part F: Additional security topics

  • Re-publishing security warning (DBF-applications only)
  • Protecting application data