As you saw on the previous page, it is very easy to set security for a Component.

Consider these questions: Should someone be allowed to see a Component at all? If someone wants to see a Component, must they log into the application first?

To set security for a Component:

  1. In the Web Projects Control Panel, right-click on the Component file name.
  2. In the menu box that appears, choose Component Security.
  3. Right-click on any component name.
  4. A sub-menu appears, with three options:

Always Denied, Always Allowed, and Requires Login.

Make your choice.

After someone logs into an application, you generally handle Component security by allowing access to the Component via a menu or other UX control, and/or by using Group membership to permit use of a Component’s controls.

It is recommended to set this Component security as soon as possible when you start developing a Component, so that you have security in mind from the start.