Below the script window there is a two-column list in which you can examine variables as they change.

Observe as the instructor examines variable values in a script.

  1. In the first list row, under Expression, type e and press the Tab key. The Debugger displays a list of values that are part of the e variable:

  1. In the first grid row, click the +.

The Debugger displays all of the elements of the e variable, and their values at this point in the execution of the program:

To increase the height of the Expression list, drag its top border towards the top of the window.

  1. Move the mouse pointer over the variable names in the left column. As you do, an icon of cascading squares appears at the right edge of each cell.

  1. Click the cell of dataSubmitted. A new “watch box” appears. It displays the current values of three controls:

The values of the three controls also appear in the Expression list:

  1. Click the button. Line 5 executes, and control moves to the next un- commented line:

Watch the same variables in your script.