Software based:

AlphaLB is a software-based solution and can be added to your existing server and configured in minutes.

Not shared:

AlphaLB is not a "shared" service; it is installed directly on your server and dedicated to your use. This means no other customer will affect the performance or availability of your load balancer.


Each Alpha Instance that is managed under AlphaLB will run in its own isolated memory space, on a separate processor core (if available).

Health Check:

If one Alpha Instance is performing poorly, the load balancer will automatically reduce or stop new traffic going to that Instance until it comes back to an acceptable status.

Local configuration:

You can add or remove resources or correct issues without waiting for an authorized 3rd party to make changes.


AlphaLB is an advanced "Level 7" Load Balancer with features not found in its weaker "Level 4" cousin.

High availability:

AlphaLB accepts 26,000 connections per second (CPS). This is many times more than you will ever need for an application on Alpha Anywhere.

Multiple Printer Instances:

Each Alpha Instance will also include a secondary instance just for reporting; so if one Alpha Instance is bogged down by heavy reporting, the other Instances will not be affected.

Hot configuration: 

Changes to configuration may be implemented immediately without restarting Alpha Anywhere or AlphaLB. For instance you can add additional Alpha Instances and AlphaLB will immediately put those Instances into service.

Works everywhere: 

This product works on all VM and dedicated servers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure servers. It can replace any hardware or software load balancer. It works on AlphaCloud and AlphaIIS but is not recommended because those environments have their own load balancer resources.

Weighted balancing:

Each Instance can be assigned a "weight" which will cause the load balancer to send more or less traffic to a particular Instance.

Client IP Pass-through:

Includes the ability to read the original client IP address (normally stripped off by a load balancer.) Developers can then use the client IP in their programming and for logging.

Redirect non-SSL traffic: 

Includes ability to redirect traffic on port 80 to SSL port 443 if desired.

Balance multiple Alpha applications:

Can load balance multiple Alpha applications on the same server.


AlphaLB produces its own Activity Log that is in standard "common" format. This means you can run analysis on this log to get statistics similar to Google Analytics. The standard Alpha access log does not conform to standards and cannot be used in advanced activity analysis.

Balance other web services:

Although AlphaLB is designed especially for Alpha applications, it can be used to balance load across other web services, like API or non-Alpha web resources.

Unlimited EndPoints: 

AlphaLB can be used to balance your traffic over an unlimited number of Alpha Instances*.


* Limited only by your server's memory and other resources.