A5 Object Names

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  1. Database objects (table names, field names, index names, variable names, grid names, A5W page names, and other component names) should be in lower case with words divided by underscore.

    Reason: Consistency, less typing, URL's are always lower case, "CamelCase" is not supported in Alpha Five, and field names such as “first_name” will automatically convert to "First Name" as column or row labels. Lower case table and field names also match the convention for SQL syntax.

    This rule does not extend to Javascript syntax.

  2. Avoid prefixing your object names with “generic object prefix” such as tbl_, grd_, dlg_, etc.
  3. Required: Do not use embedded spaces in any object name or folder name anywhere in your project.
  4. Although not mandatory, component names (grids, dialogs, etc.) should be named so they are unique within the first 15 characters.

    Reason: When a component is inserted into an A5W page, Alpha Five automatically truncates the component name to 15 characters in code applied inside the <head> and <body> tags. Alpha Five ensures there is no conflict, but it becomes difficult for you as the programmer to identify your component code within the A5W page if they are not unique within the first 15 characters.

  5. SQL-only: unless there is a specific reason to do otherwise, always name the connection string “conn”.

    Reason: There is no reason to make connection string names unique by project. It is more difficult to merge components from two projects if they each use a different connection string name.

  6. DBF-only: Although not mandatory, if your application is based on DBF tables, it is highly desired that your database table, field and especially index names remain 10 characters or less.

    Reason: There is some risk with DBF applications that in the unlikely case where particular files associated with DBF are removed or misplaced, object names for that table will be truncated to 10 characters.