A5W Pages

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  1. As wilth all A5 objects, always name A5W pages in lower case, with no embedded spaces.

Reason: Believe it or not, Google indexes URLs as case-sensitive; plus lower case is the worldwide convention for URL's.

  1. Publicly accessible A5W pages, where a user is likely to remember the name, should be given common and obvious names like register.a5w, about.a5w, and members.a5w.
  2. It is most common to name the "Home Page" as index.a5w.
  3. Prefix "include pages" with "inc_". These are A5W (or HTML) pages that are intended only to be included inside other pages using the function a5w_include(). Flag these files as Always Deny for Page Security. Example:

    <%A5 a5w_include("inc_head_code.a5w") %>
  4. Required: Do not use a5w_include() to include a complete HTML page in another A5W page. Doing this will duplicate HTML tags such as <html><head><body><title>.

    Reason: Duplicate HTML tags, especially the <head> tag can confuse the web server as it renders the page, but most important reason is that javascript functions on the page will always reference the first (or last, I cannot remember) <head> tag to find its function definitions.