Project Setup

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  1. Store your project(s) under a simple folder structure such as:


  2. Do not store your projects under MyDocuments on your Desktop or other location that has an underlying complex, long and space-embedded structure.

    Reason: Before long you will have a dozen projects; it is best to store them in a simple, easy to find and backup, folder structure. Also, as you build your project, you will invariably have to manipulate files directly in the project folder and -- we know from experience -- if you store your projects in MyDocumets, eventually you won't be able to find them.

  3. Do not store your projects (development files) under the A5Webroot folder (where you typically publish your project).
  4. Never publish to the same place where you store your development files. If you publish over your development files, you will ruin your project.
  5. Always provide a unique name for the Target Folder in the Publishing Profile, typically the same name as your project name. Do not use the phrase "<Default>" even though it is the suggested default on the publishing dialog.
  6. Do not embed spaces or special characters in any folder name, project name, component name, uploaded filenames, etc.
  7. Most professional developers open their A5W pages in Source View rather than WYSIWYG. You can toggle this at View > Settings > Preferences > HTML Editor > Default Tab=Source.