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  1. If you made a copy of one application as the base for another, be sure to delete the publishing profile, and then recreate it. This is because each application has a unique GUID, generated by the Publishing Profile. If you do not re-create the publishing profile, the GUIDs may be the same and this will cause security problems.
  2. Although you can publish projects directly to c:\a5webroot, it is always best to publish each project to a subfolder under c:\a5webroot.
  3. Although it helps to clarify, you do not need to create different root folders for different versions of Alpha Five, you can always use c:\a5webroot\projectname.
  4. If you publish multiple projects to the same server, publish them to:


  1. The value for Folder (see image below) under Publishing using FTP/LAN should be "projectname".
  2. The Data Folder is typically for DBF-based applications; however you should include this for SQL applications as well because it creates a convenient place to store uploaded files out of the webroot. The "Workspace" folder option on the publishing profile should be "data\projectname".