Server Configuration

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  1. Log files (found on the Logging tab of the server config dialog) should be changed from the default to c:\a5\logs\projectname_access.log and c:\a5\logs\projectname_error.log for the Access and Error logs respectively, with other logs moved and named similarly.
  2. The Document Root (as defined on the General tab from the Server Config) should be "c:\a5webroot\projectname".
  3. Your FTP target for publishing should point to "c:\a5webroot" (because the projectname is in the Folder option, shown below.) Optionally, you can point FTP to "c:\a5webroot\projectname" if you also leave the Folder option blank in the publishing profile. The second option can be more secure especially if you are passing your project to someone else since your root folder is not exposed.