The AlphaToGo Shopping Cart is a fully functional "Online Web Store" designed to "drop in" to your existing or brand new Alpha web application. Although you could use it as a standalone product, it lacks typical website infrastructure and formatting -- it is expected that you will integrate this Shopping Cart into your own Alpha Five web application.

Integration is, thankfully, very easy. In fact, if you use the Cart as designed there is very little to do other than copy in the files, set security, publish and then configure online. Some Cart owners have taken it to the next step, adding features and options to suit their special circumstances.

A style sheet (CSS) is included to provide styling to the Product List, Cart, other components and A5W pages. You may continue to use this style sheet, or replace it with your own.


  • The Cart designed for downloadable and other electronically-delivered items and does not handle taxes, shipping, delivery, handling charges, etc.
  • Does not collect contact information from the buyer, relies on information as provided in PayPal.


Please see the product license for full details.

  • You may not share your copy of this software with any other person or company.
  • You may not resell or transfer this product to another party other than as part of a custom web application project of your own design.
  • You may not use this product to build a generic Shopping Cart or other project similarly designed to compete with this product as a "template".
  • If you build an application for a client, and provide them with the source code for this product, you must transfer the full license for this product to that client, and will be required to purchase a new license to use this product in another project.
  • If you build an application for a client and do not provide the source code to the client, then you will not have transferred your license to this product to the client, and do not need to purchase another license to use this product on a new project.

Limited 60-day Support

AlphaToGo, LLC will provide limited support for the first 60 days after purchase. We will ensure your product is installed and working properly and repair any bugs at our own cost. This support does not include customization or integration into your existing Alpha Five application. After the 60 days expire, you have the option of purchasing a Support Contract or purchasing support on a per-incident basis.


In order to integrate this product in to your Alpha Five project, you need at least the same level of skill that was required to build your application. If you plan to customize this product, you will need additional skill with Alpha Five, SQL and Xbasic.