The Editor can be customized for different language, styles, templates, tools bars and much more. Please refer to the CKEditor documentation website ( for detailed information on customization.


The file (included in your product) named config_alphafive.js contains customized toolbars. The default custom toolbar is named "Alpha" and has icons most relevant to normal Alpha Five data-entry. You can modify that toolbar, or add your own. In addition to the Alpha toolbar, config_alphafive.js includes custom toolbars named Basic and Full. Please refer to the CKEditor website if you want to modify toolbars.

About ToolbarGroups

This is a new feature in CKEditor V4. You can arrange your Toolbar icons in "groups". The advantage is that when new plug-ins are added, the new icons are automatically added to a pre-designated Group. However our Integration still uses the older "item-by-item" configuration for icon placement. The reason is that "groups" are much less flexible when it comes to applying different set of icons (e.g. Full, Basic, Alpha, etc.). See JS Files in the menu for example of our configuration for item-by-item icon placement.

Changing the Skin (Toolbar style)

Check the CKEditor website for several options for "skins". Two options are included in our Integration application. The default skin is "moono", which uses flat gray scale image icons. To toggle this to a more colorful set of icons, edit the file named ckeditor/config_alphafive.js. find and uncommt the following line:

// = 'moonocolor';

To return to a gray scale icon set, comment out the above line.


To change the default language, add a line to config_alphafive.js such as:

oconfig.defaultlanguage = 'en'; // for English (default)

oconfig.defaultlanguage = 'it'; // for Italian

oconfig. defaultlanguage = 'fr'; // for French

oconfig.defaultlanguage = 'fa'; // for Persian

To change text direction,  add a line to config_alphafive.js such as:

oconfig.contentsLangDirection = 'ltr' ; //left-to-right (default)

oconfig.contentsLangDirection = 'rtl' ; // right-to-left

Customizing using CKEditor's Javascript API

There are more than a hundred customization settings in the CKEditor Javascript API  ( These customization settings can be added to the config_alphafive.js file as the default configuration, or added to the ckInstance function for an individual Editor instance.

Call AlphaToGo if you need assistance customizing this product.