How it works

Images that appear in the Image Browser popup must be listed in a file named images_list.json which resides in the designated Images folder. The "designated images folder" is defined in ckeditor/config_alphafive.js and defaults to "images".

See here for example xbasic scripts to build the JSON file.

The JSON file has three elements:

image: the absolute path* to the image file.

thumb: the absolute path to the thumbnail image (if any, not required)

folder: the image category (if any, not required)

*"absolute path" means from the Alpha Five Web Server Document Root. So if your application is published to c:\a5webroot and THAT is the Document Root, then the path would just be "images". But if your application was published to a subfolder under the Document Root, the absolute path need to include that folder, such as "/my_app_folder/images".




               "image": "/ckeditor4/images/brushes.jpg",

               "thumb": "/ckeditor4/images/thumb_brushes.jpg",

               "folder": "Colorful"        },


               "image": "/ckeditor4/images/colored_pencils.jpg",

               "folder": "Colorful"        },


               "image": "/ckeditor4/images/tetons_national_park.jpg",

               "folder": "Mountians"        },


               "image": "/ckeditor4/images/yarnbow.jpg",

               "thumb": "/ckeditor4/images/thumb_yarnbow.jpg" }