About the CKEditor Integration Alpha Five Project

The AlphaToGo CKEditor Alpha Five Integration project is provided as an example of how the Editor might be used. It is not necessary to incorporate this whole project into your custom project. Please read the Installation Setup for the very few steps required to make use of this Editor.

Even though not required, you might want to publish this project separately to see how it works.

The Sample Project Uses DBF

The sample project uses DBF database tables and syntax in all routines, grids, etc. If you are using SQL, please see the Appendix for additional resources.

Requirements and Limitations

This CKEditor Integration does not work in every conceivable situation; we have tested it configured as shown at the demo site.

Currently it does not support multiple grid rows on the same field name.

Although the Image Browser can support sub-folders, our Image Browser integration does not include sub-folders. E.g., if the designated Images Folder is "Images", the Image Browser will not consider images found in a subfolder below the "Images" folder.

The Image Upload button only uploads to the designated Images Folder and does not consider sub-folders.

The Editor has been tested on Alpha Five V11 and Alpha Anywhere (V12). Although this utility can work on the Alpha Five V5-V10-style "Dialog", support and instructions are not available in this document.

The user must have JavaScript enabled on their browser.

Vast Amazing Versatility

This Editor sample has been configured to what the author thinks is the most practical and useful. However if you browse though the CKEditor website, especially the plug-ins and Skins, it is absolutely amazing how many options exist. Feel free to contact AlphaToGo for consultation on customization options.