Installation Summary

1.Copy the 'ckeditor' folder from this project into your project (see CKEditor Folder Placement at the bottom of this page).

2.Use the instructions below to reference the ckeditor javascript files in your project.

3.Follow the instructions in this document to add client-side code to Alpha Five components to affect desired Textarea controls.


1.Follow instructions for Security Framework to set allowed file extensions.

2.If you wish to use the Image Browser you must make adjustments to the config_alphafive.js file.

After this, just go through the normal process to publish and launch your application.

Reference CKEditor javascript files

Option 1: If all components are inside a TabbedUI, then enter the two lines below in the TabbedUI's property named "User defined 'head' content". Note - do not confuse this with the property named "Header text".

Option 2: If any components text area fields are outside of a TabbedUI, then enter the two lines below between the <head></head> tags of at least one A5W page. Select a page that the user will definitely pass through prior to opening the grid or dialog using the Editor. (e.g., index.a5w, login.a5w, etc.)

oNote - If taking option 2, do not also place any reference to the ckeditor.js in the grid, dialog or tabbedUI’s “Javascript Linked Files” property.

oAlso never place any reference to the ckeditor.js in the Web Control Panel > Project Properties.

<script type="text/javascript" src="ckeditor/ckeditor.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="ckeditor/a5_ckeditor.js"></script>

CKEditor Folder Placement