Required Setup for Image Browser

If you plan to use the Image Browser you must follow the instructions below to modify the ckeditor/config_alphafive.js file and the post_images xbasic function.

Changing the default images folder

Required modification 1:

File name: ckeditor/config_alpha.js.

Edit this line: config.imageBrowser_listUrl = "/your_application_folder_here/your_image_path_here/images_list.json";


1.config.imageBrowser_listUrl = "/images/images_list.json";

2.config.imageBrowser_listUrl = "/myapplication/myimages/images_list.json";

3.config.imageBrowser_listUrl = "/project1/images/images_list.json";

Note that example 1 is a project published directly to the Document Root with no subfolder. Examples 2 and 3 are for projects published to subfolders. The URL in the first case would NOT have a subfolder, the URL for the other examples would have subfolders, e.g.,

Required modification 2:

Xbasic function: "post_images"

Edit this line: dim img_fldr as c= "your_image_path_here"


dim img_fldr as c        = "images"

Thumbnail Images

If you include thumbnail images for any of the images, name them with a prefix of "thumb_". For instance, if you have a 800x600 image named picture.jpg, name the thumbnail image "thumb_picture.jpg". You can alter the "thumb_" prefix value in the post_images xbasic function. The post_images script will automatically find and register those thumbnail images in the JSON file.