User Defined Functions (.aex file)

The Template makes use of several compiled functions found in wt.aex and wt_captcha.aex.



wt_content(contentid as c)

This will place content at that location from the wt_content table where the ID field value is "aboutpage".



This will place the header image at that location based on settings in Web Setup for the default header image, and in Pages for optional per-page header image settings.

wt_page(field as c, tag = "")


This function is "aware" of the page name where it is used. If the above code was placed on the About.a5w page, it would display the content of the page_title field from the wt_pages table where the ID was "about.a5w". It would also set that text to the CSS H1 setting.

wt_setup(field as c)


This function simply gets the value from the wt_setup table. So the above would display the Application Name as entered in the Web Setup dialog.

wt_captcha(e as p, isAjaxCallback=.f., imageindx="1", codeSize=5, isNoise=.t., isUpper=.t., style="B", fontColor="black")

This function is only used in the Contact component. Please see the detailed instructions for AlphaToGo CAPTCHA utility for more information.