A5W Page Include Files

  • The a5w_include() function brings in code from another file just as if you had entered it on the page where the function is used. Using a5w_include() helps to keep the pages clean and avoids typing redundant code manually on all pages. We use the following include files:
    • inc_header_head.a5w – contains xbasic and some javascript and CSS designations desired in the <HEAD> area of all pages.
    • inc_header_body.a5w – contains xbasic and some HTML desired within the <BODY> tag for all pages.
    • inc_footer_body.a5w – contains xbasic and some HTML desired at the base of all pages, forming the Footer.
    • inc_header_setvar.a5w – contains xbasic to set variables.
  • Inc_header_head.a5w and inc_header_body.a5w are two halves of one complete A5W page. The first file will be included in the <HEAD> area of the host page and the second file in the <BODY> area. Whenever you add a component to an A5W page, Alpha places Xbasic in the HEAD area, and a short piece of code in the BODY area designed only to display that component.