Alpha Anywhere Security Model

Alpha Anywhere controls who can login to your website using four special database tables. Unless you rename them, they are:

  • websecurity_users - one record for each user including a unique Userid (typically an email address), password, etc. The primary key field is a GUID - a 32 character string.
  • websecurity_groups - one record for each defined security group. The primary key is a GUID. This table is related to the users table on user_guid.
  • websecurity_members - one record for each user times however many groups they belong to. The primary key is a combination of user_guid and group_guid.
  • websecuirty_expired - a less used table that stores expired passwords if that option is turned on.
  • websecurity_exauth - optional and auto-generated by Alpha Anywhere if you define "additional logins' like Facebook, LinkedIn.,etc.

How the Framework manages Alpha's security

  • All you have to do is use the Framework's User List and other utilities to properly add, delete, update and otherwise manage users of your system.