User Defined Functions (.aex file)

The Template makes use of several compiled functions found in wt4.aex and wt_captcha.aex.


Example / Usage



Displays the AlphaToGo Framework link back to unless toggled off in Website Configuration. Initially toggled on when delivered.


This was removed in build 4.2.0004



Will display breadcrumbs at the location the function is placed. Initially this feature is commented out, and resides in the wt_inc_header_body.a5w page. Un-comment out to use.

wt_content(contentid as c)

This will place content at that location from the wt_content table where the ID field value is "aboutpage".

wt_captcha(e as p, isAjaxCallback=.f., imageindx="1", codeSize=5, isNoise=.t., isUpper=.t., style="B", fontColor="black")

This function is only used in the Contact component. Please see the detailed instructions for AlphaToGo CAPTCHA utility for more information.



Displays all session variables for debugging purposes unless toggled off in Website Configuration. Initially togged off when delivered.



This will place the header image at that location based on settings in Web Setup for the default header image, and in Pages for optional per-page header image settings. This function is commented out in the Framework as delivered. Un-comment the function in wt_inc_header_body.a5w if desired.

wt_log_email AS C (pm as p, method as c = "", status as c="",errorText as c="")


Used internally to make a log of all outgoing emails. Used in Contact Us module as well as the registration and password recovery modules.

wt_logoimage AS C (request as p,alt as c="")

?wt_logoimage(request,"My Alternate Tag")

This function displays your logo, typically in the upper left of your website in the header area. The Alt Tag is suggested per SEO protocol.

wt_menu AS C (menuname as c = "")

?wt_menu() or ?wt_menu("mymenu")

Displays the navigation as defined at Main Navigation. If no menuname is provided, displays all menu nodes (default because typically a web application has only one main navigation. Alternately, provide a menuname to include only those menu nodes identified with that menuname in the database.

wt_message AS C (message_area_id as n = 0,css as C ="")


Displays the "tickler" message as defined in Website Configuration. Any CSS provided in the function will be applied to the message, e.g., "padding:10px".

wt_page(field as c, tag = "")


This function is "aware" of the page name where it is used. If the above code was placed on the About.a5w page, it would display the content of the page_title field from the wt_pages table where the ID was "about.a5w". It would also set that text to the CSS H1 setting.


This function was depreciated in build 4.2.0001 and supporting code also removed (meaning it will not work)

wt_regconfirm AS C (conf as c)

Used internally to process a user's registration.

wt_setup(field as c)


This function simply gets the value from the wt_setup table. In the Framework, fields from the wt_setup table are displayed in Website Configuration. So the above would display the Application Name as entered in the Web Setup dialog.

wt_users_reg AS C (controls as c,e as p)

Used internally to process a user's initial request for registration.

wt_variables AS A (varname AS C)


Pulls the value from the wt_variables table. These variables are displayed in the Website Settings module.

wt_version AS C ( )


Displays the Framework version.