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Email Templates

  • As of release 4.2, all outgoing emails are in HTML format. Previously, some emails were in plain text format.
  • This is a table of "boilerplate" emails available for outgoing emails within the Framework. By using a template, you can avoid "hard-coding" email content. Email Templates are used to respond to User Registration, Registration Confirmation, etc.


  • Template: Please do not alter the template name for existing templates. The names are tied to specific procedures in the Framework.
  • Description: Enter a description for your own use.
  • BCC: Enter one or more emails separated by a comma. Any outgoing email will send a blind copy to the emails listed.
  • Plain Text Body (tab): Not used in the Framework (all emails are HTML) but available if you want to do some programming to include.
  • Example: USERS_REGCONF – sent to someone who has clicked the "confirmation link" in their registration confirmation email. Note the merge fields bound with curly brackets.

Merge variables

  • These variables are available in any outgoing email Framework. Use as defined in the above example.
  • You can add your own merge fields; contact AlphaToGo for assistance with this customization.





User's full name, e.g.: Steve Wood


User's first name, e.g.: Steve


E.g.: Internet Task Manager




User's ID Number, e.g.: 10000001



Only available for PENDING users.

{support_url} (URL to your Support Webpage)


415-555-1212 (or any other contact information)


Jim Smith, Support Director


Embedded link to confirm registration
(Only applicable on the initial email sent to user after registration)