CSS Files

  • The Framework comes with three Cascading Style Sheets:
    • Framework.css provides formatting for the overall website. This CSS file gives the website its width, hyperlink color, font size, header and footer height, etc. However it does not style the Alpha Anywhere components such as Grid, Dialog, etc.
    • Framework_boxes.css provides box styles for the content areas.
    • Tabbedui.css provides formatting for the TabbedUI.
  • Framework Styles are organized into "themes" and stored within your project under css\themes. You can add additional "themes" by creating new subfolders under css\themes with modified css files. You can select which style to use in your live website under Setup > Website Setup on the General tab.

Note 1 - some of the steps below may already have been done in your application.

Download and setup the NAV CSS

    1. Download the Navigation "base" css files from: http://www.alphatogo.com/downloads/framework/nav.zip.
      The zip file contains three files named style.css, style.dat, style.js
    2. Copy these three files to a folder under css named "nav", e.g., css/nav/style.css, etc.
    3. Open the component named mainmenu and set the style to "nav".
    4. Publish the mainmenu component and the css/nav folder.
    5. Test the new menu.

Configure the navigation style

Instructions not complete