Limitations and Default Settings

The Framework has been built using particular default settings. Although we have not tested every option, you should be able to make basic changes to Alpha Anywhere’s configuration without affecting the Framework’s functionality. However, additional programming may be required depending on what you alter. Here is a list of known areas that will require programming if you want to change how the Framework operates:


  • The “Home Page” must be named index.a5w.
  • The Framework is very generic in some areas. For instance, the User Registration dialog only asks for Username, Name and Password; you may want to request additional information.
  • The Framework is a normal Alpha Anywhere Project. Out-of-the-box, and published to the Local Host or a qualified server, it is a complete and secure web application. However, since the Framework operates as a complete “system” it is possible to break important functionality by haphazard alteration without understanding how the Framework works.


  • The Framework uses an email address as the Username (also known as UserID). You can also toggle the Framework to use a 'value' as the UserID.
  • The Alpha Anywhere Security Framework table names must be websecurity_users, websecurity_members, websecurity_groups, websecurity_expired and (if additional login types are used) websecurity_exauth.
  • Security Framework does not ask for a Security Question or a Redirect Page.


  • The SQL database connection string name is "conn".

Online vs Developer

  • Because it is based on Alpha Anywhere, the AlphaToGo Framework cannot be configured 100% online. There are particular tasks that must always be performed in Alpha Anywhere Developer and then published to your web application. In most cases this is to ensure your development project stays "in sync" with the published application. Examples are:
    • All Grids, Dialogs and other components must be built in the Alpha Anywhere Developer and then published.
    • All A5W pages must be built in Developer, given proper security settings, and published.
    • Database connections strings must be built in Developer and published.
    • All Security settings must be made in Alpha Anywhere and published.