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Main Navigation

Framework Navigation is a replacement for the built-in Alpha "Navigation Component". You can use either or both in your project.

The Framework Navigation is superior to the Alpha Navigation in several ways;

  • It is "responsive" on mobile devices - the menu collapses down to a "menu button" as screen size is reduced.
  • It has an option to 'hide' a menu node when a user logs in.
  • Menu nodes can be tied to Alpha security to show/hide depending on the users security group membership.
  • CSS can be applied independently to each menu node (make a menu option green for instance).
  • You can manage the entire Navigation ONLINE.
  • You can have more than one Navigation component, on different A5W pages or even on the same page.

Navigation Input Form

  • Position: Optional, set the order from left to right for each node. If omitted, will list in alphabetical order.
  • Has Submenu: Check this box if this node is a parent with child nodes. Child nodes have Position settings like 2.1, 2.2, etc., where the parent node has a Position of 2. Only one submenu node is allowed.
  • Menu Text: Enter what you expect to see on the menu node, "Home" for instance.
  • URL: In most situations, the A5W page name, such as "index.a5w". The URL might also be a fully-qualified URL such as "".
  • Target: For A5W pages, typically omit this field. For web pages outside of your project, choose one of the options.
  • Node CSS: Optionally enter any CSS to be applied to the menu node. E.g., "border: 1px solid green, padding:5px, color: red" (without the quote marks).
  • Omit: Check to have the menu node not appear.
  • Hide On Login: Check to have this node hide when the user is logged in.
  • Security Groups: Select any Alpha Security Groups. This list will automatically contain Alpha Web Security Groups as they are maintained in Alpha Web Security.
  • Menu Name: Optional method to create "named menus". Use this to create multiple, separate navigations. For instance, give some the name of "main" and some of the name "products". Then, where you want to deploy this named menu on an A5W page, use syntax like wt_menu("main") and wt_menu("products").


  • If a main node has child nodes, and the main node is tied to Alpha security, then the child nodes must also be set to same Alpha security groups, else the nodes will end up in odd places on the menu.

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