Framework V4 System Requirements

  • The Framework V4 is written using Alpha Anywhere* by Alpha Software, Inc.
  • The Framework will not work error free in Alpha Five version 11 and earlier.
  • The Framework is a normal Alpha Anywhere project plus a host of compiled user defined function, so system requirements are exactly the same as they are for Alpha Anywhere.
  • The Framework is only available as an SQL-based application and is delivered with both a MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server database builds.
  • The Framework has been tested on MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. It will run on other SQL database engines, but not guaranteed and not necessarily without additional programming on the buyers part.

Software Developer Perquisites

  • Some SQL knowledge - this document contains very few instructions on how to set up, configure or use your SQL database.
  • Some Alpha Anywhere / Alpha Five knowledge - although the Framework gives you a great advantage, you need to constantly improve your Alpha skills in order to build more complex systems.
  • No knowledge of JavaScript or jQuery are required to use the Framework, but experience may be required in this area as you expand your application.

*Alpha Anywhere is sometimes known as Alpha Five V12.