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Send Email to User(s)

If you are interested in using this module, contact AlphaToGo. It has options and potential not fully described below.

  • After completing the Email Settings, you can use this module you can send email to any of the following:
    • A single user selected from the User List
    • The Administrative User (typically you)
    • All Users
    • All marked Pending, or Active, or Invite.
  • To each of these groups you can send email based on a Template, and/or with your own ad hoc content.
  • If you select a Template, the email subject will be provided by that Template.
  • Examples:
    • Send email based on the "Invitation to Register" Template to all marked as "Invite". This will invite those users to go to your site and register.
    • Send email to all those marked as "Active" to remind them of some event.
  • Merge fields: You can include merge fields in your ad hoc email content. For example:

Welcome {fullname} to our website {app_name}. Please click this link to visit our site: {app_url}. If you have any questions, please call {support_phone} and ask for {support_contact}.