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Manage Session Variable

Use this feature to set session variables for your application.

  • Name: Provide a name, no embedded spaces. Your session variable will be defined as "session.<name>".
  • FooterID: Optional, only useful if you turn debugging on. Shows the session variable and assigned value in the web page footer.
  • Type: Only allowed type in Alpha Anywhere is "C" for "Character".
  • Availability: Toggle if the session variable is available whether the user is logged in or always available.
  • Expression: Enter a value or expression for the session variable. See examples below.
  • Omit: If checked, the session variable will not be defined.
  • Sort Order: Optional, set the order for creating and setting session variable. Only useful if a subesequent variable needs to include a previously-created session variable.

Expression examples:

Note - the expression must return a character value.

  • "Steve" - will set the session variable to the word "Steve"
  • "5" - will set the session variable to the word "5" (as a character value)
  • crlf_to_comma(a5ws_get_user_assignments(pUser.userid,request)) - a valid xbasic statement to set the session variable to the Security Groups assigned to the logged in user.
  • if(wt_setup("testmode_on")=.t.,"Y","N") - a valid xbasic statement using one of the Framework's functions to return the value of "testmode_on" from the table wt_setup.