Using the Message.a5w Page

  • All software applications make use of message pages. You may need to pop up a message to tell the user when a particular process is complete, or to say Thank You after making a purchase, or perhaps to show an error message.
  • The Framework has just one page to serve this purpose, named message.a5w.
  • Open message.a5w to review. Note that the Title, Text and Link areas are dynamically defined at the time the message.a5w page is called within the program.
  • Wherever you call the Message.A5W page, you need to set three session variables (you must always set all three, even if set to blank).
  • Here is an example:

session.messagetext = "Thank you for registering."

session.messagetitle = "Registration Confirmed"

session.messagelink = "Click <a href=\"login.a5w\" here</a> to return to the Home Page."