The new website says "Activate the Framework"

    • If you publish to Localhost, the Framework will not request Activation. So, if possible, do your testing on Localhost.
    • If you publish your test migration to the same server as your live licensed Framework-based application, your test publication should not ask for Activation. However, if it does, you may need a temporary license from AlphaToGo for your migration test. Call AlphaToGo and we will set you up with an Activation Key.

Content does not appear on A5W pages.

    • Data-driven content on A5W pages appears where the function wt_content("contentID") is placed, and the 'contentID' is matched to the same value in the wt_content database table. Over time, some of the Framework's contentIDs have changed. Please review the A5W pages of your existing application, find the various contentIDs, and then check the new migrated application, same A5W page. It is best to change the contentID in your DATABASE rather than in the A5W page.
    • Depending on what version of the Framework you are migrating from, once your content is revealed, it may look very different in terms of layout. See "web pages do not look the same as before" below.

No navigation (main menu)

    • In Framework version 4 we deprecated the Alpha's own Navigation component. It is still present, but commented out. You can return it to service, or use our new "responsive navigation". To turn Alpha Navigation back on, go to wt_inc_header_body.a5w and remove the comment mark ahead of <%a5 '?x_mainmenu.Output.Body.navsysTBH %> (approx line 50). Republish this A5W page.
    • Even if you do not see a menu, you can still navigate to specific pages. For example, navigate to login.a5w in the browser address to login. Navigate to wt_admin.a5w in the browser address (after login) to see the Framework Administration menu.

Web pages do not look the same as before

    • Over time, how web designers format and layout web pages have changed. In early versions of the Framework we (all) used tables to layout our pages. As time progressed, CSS became the standard for web page layouts, and now we are on CSS3 and HTML5, and accordingly layout principals are different. In addition what is 'attractive' and 'popular' has changed over time. We have tried to keep up with this trend in the Framework.
    • You can absolutely recreate your original web page layout if you want to, but the default web page layout in the Framework will likely have changed since your older version.
    • In newer designs, the various settings (found in the A5W Content Area) for fine tuning - padding, position, width, etc. are NO LONGER necessary based on modern design. Life is much more simple now.
    • Very likely you will have to redesign your A5W pages layout or modify your A5W pages CSS structure to recreate your original layout.

Common error messages

    1. Upon opening A5W Page Setup get: "Error expanding Grid Part template: Argument is incorrect data type".
      • Fix: Go to wt_page component, find Headerimage_omit in the grid area and change the Display Format to iif(<value>=1,"Yes","").
    1. Upon opening A5W Content Area get: "Error expanding Grid Part template: Argument is incorrect data type".
      • Fix: Go to wt_content component, find Omit in the grid portion and change the Display Format to iif(<value>=1,"Yes","").

My users can login but I do not see their Name in the upper right showing they are logged in

At one point the Userlist database table name changed from web_users to wt_users. Copy your users from web_users to wt_users. Security tables are separate from this, and that is why users can login but not be properly listed.