Updating an Alpha application can be very time consuming, especially if a combination of the following:

    • Going from an older version of Alpha Five to Alpha Anywhere.
    • Going from a DBF-based application to a SQL-based application.
    • Updating AlphaToGo Framework-based applications to newer versions of the Framework.

Note - if you are moving from a DBF-based application, these steps are basically still the same except you also need to finish the process by converting all of your components and xbasic code from DBF-based to SQL-based.

Here are two suggested methods to make wholesale updates from an older copy of the Framework. The two migration suggestions below are very similar. The only difference is which directions updated file will flow. In the first option (recommended) your existing application will be folded in to a fully working and tested Framework project. In the second option, you will move the latest Framework files in to your existing application. Both options require significant time testing.

Note that these are suggested methods for a complete Framework replacement. This arduous process is not necessary for simple updates from one build to the next.

  1. Migrate by moving your existing project into a fresh empty Framework project.
  2. Migrate by moving a new Framework project into your existing application.

We like option 1 better as it ensures the Framework portion is working properly before migration. But option 2 is just a viable. Option 1 can seem like more work because you need to recreate your entire project in a new environment. But in the long run, it is often the better option especially if you are also going from an older version of Alpha Five to the latest Alpha Anywhere.

Release notes are maintained here: http://alphatogo.com/framework_release_notes.a5w