How User Registration Works

  • The Framework provides email-confirmed, double opt-in user registration. This is the preferred standard for registration since it provides user verification along with registration.
  • Double Opt-In ensures:
    1. that the person is who they say they are,
    2. the user  entered a valid email address,
    3. the user can actually receive email from you,
    4. and the user really wants to become part of your online venture.
  • Users register on a page named register.a5w using a dialog component named users_reg.
  • The user fills out the registration form and clicks submit. The dialog then creates a local user’s record in the web_users table, flags them as reg_status=PENDING, temporarily stores their password (encrypted), and then sends the user an email requesting a response.
  • The registration dialog does NOT create a Security Framework record at this time (the user cannot log in yet).
  • The email sent to the user contains a "confirmation link" which will look similar to this:
  • As long as the user is still in PENDING status, they can re-register; the system will simply overwrite any existing registration. The Security Group will default to “Users” unless you change it in Web Setup, or modify how the Framework works. Once they are ACTIVE, it is impossible to re-register with the same email address.