The Copy Project Batch File

  • The DOS batch file named "copy_a5project.bat" is a convenient way to make a copy of an existing project. The script copies only the required files, renames the project and puts everything in a new folder, ready to use. The script purposely does not copy particular files which are supposed to be unique for each project and automatically generated by Alpha when the project is first launched.
  • To run the batch file, place copy_a5project.bat in the parent folder above your project folder. For instance, if you store your projects as c:\myprojects\project1, c:\myprojects\project2, etc., you would place the batch file in c:\myprojects.
    • copy_a5project.bat requires that the folder name be the same as the project name.
    • Do not use spaces or special characters in your project or folder names.
  • Here are the steps to run the batch file:
    • Click copy_a5project.bat to start the process.
    • Enter "go" to start (case sensitive).
    • Enter the name of the folder that contains the project.
    • Enter the new project name and allow the script to copy the files.